Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blood and Glory Strikes in December 2012

Asylum Studios reaches back to hallowed antiquity to bring you their very first trading card set, Blood and Glory.

Based on the legendary warriors who spilled blood on the sands of the arena in honor and glory with hopes of reaching heights only known by the gods!

Featuring a 15 card printed base set with art depicting the exciting battles of the coliseum!

Also included will be high quality original art cards done by 37 of the most amazing artists in the fantasy, comic, sci-fi, and trading card fields! 

As a special bonus, there will be an exclusive Asylum Studios Art Society base card in addition to the 15 original base cards! You can only get this limited, "exclusive card", if you are a member of the Asylum Studios Art Society group on Facebook.

Let the bloody battles begin and to the victors got the glory!

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